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New Colour Pictures from John Hunter and a music link to Mazariba

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A Cenarth festival with Nic Turners Pyramid stage

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Meigan Fayre Website


A celebration of the Meigan Fayres - The Film has been found and It was shown at an event on the evening of 23 October 2011 .
Meigan Fayre was held in 1973, 1974 and the big one in 1975

The free festival movement was a major part of the “alternative society” self sufficiency free love communal living and other forms of social experimentation were also elements fueling the desire to break away from narrow mindedness and the perceived stranglehold on development that “The establishment” represented.

Huge cultural changes resulted, great leaps forward made, innovation and experimentation drove this movement forward

Meigan Fayre was conceived and put together by people living locally and an informal committee was formed. The film documents only a tiny glimpse of some aspects of what was going on in west Wales at that extra ordinary time. Many hoped that the camera could have been pointed at the main stage in the evenings when most of the bands were on. Some were glad today that their naked stage invasion was not recorded for posterity or posterio.r. .

Those who attended the evening generously made donations towards expenses than you all .

Please: if you have any photos of the Meigan Fayes can you e mail them in as jpegs so we can add them to the website

Mazariba, Ted Clark the inimitable Smudger and others playedas with the spirit of the fayre you who came made it happen.

The Film is being transfered to DVD and will be available soon send an email to register your insatiable desire to buy one at £10 + p&p to Far out etc.

Tel 01239615952


A message from Misha who shot the film and could not be at this event

Dear friends,

It is 4 years shy of 40 since Meigan Fayre – now that is hard to believe! I pray we have become more brave and more enthusiastic, committed and ready to be surprised, or as W B Yeats, in his old age, put it, “Never had I more excited, passionate, fantastical imagination, nor an ear and eye that more expected the impossible.”

So why am I not amongst you, perhaps with ear and eye pressed to video camera, recording this event? It is because I have been in Tokyo giving a seminar, and only recently returned, and now am holding the fort while my wife is in Cambridge helping out her nonagenarian parents. She returns next week. So I am here seeing patients, feeding dog and cat, chickens and ducks, bringing in squash and apples. My life is rural, yet I get drawn away to run workshops as well as enjoying regular trips to the School of Homeopathy in Stroud. Mani who was 4 when we were at Meigan Fayre, is now director of the School, having taken over from me a couple of years ago.

So, to the matter of the movie: I hope you enjoy watching it. Maybe it is a little long – I would chop out 10 minutes. Yet I think it is charming, and catches the essence of the fun, and a yearning for a return to basic values. There is a desire for spiritual renewal, and a naiveté which is of the era, and which I remember with fondness. How different is the mood of these times! But I have not forsaken the vision, indeed it has strengthened in me, so that now I am even more aware of my glorious insignificance. From that perspective, I work with the creative power of imagination and let it harmonise with the power of reason; I foster a vision of connectedness, so that born of these conjunctions I enjoy myself. I pray that we live through kindness and sharing, so that when the going gets tough, we may survive with grace, not through strife and selfishness, but through loving cooperation.

I thank you from my heart. I am with you in spirit. I can feel your energy, and feel really blessed to be in your company.


Saint Meigan Helclex and Hanes, rumor story / history

His name means : the great one (= meigan gaelic)

Saint Meigan was a Celtic Saint of a rather peculiar nature. Well maybe not in the context of an emerging and transmuting faith. The rumor is that he was a man who danced a lot, wore women's clothing, painted his face black and white and doled out mushroom tea to his flock. Whatever the truth of the matter he was later, or at least his memory, was to incur the wrath of Henry Tudor The 8th that is. Along with many other places of worship his church was destroyed. Not only destroyed but the decree was that "no stone shall stand upon another" So somewhere in the Meigan valley there may be just the faintest trace of a foundation or the echo of joyous singing and the whisper of the old practices. They say who? Academics . OOOOh academics must be true. That Saint Meigan was a techer of Myrddyn or as Disney would say Merlin. It is possoble that the authodox historians frowned on his antics and Celtic saints in general have not survivied intact to the mainstream. Meigan the great one was probably just too great to be understood.

Brief History of Meigan Fayre

His saints day is November 1st but Meigan Fayre became a summer hiring fayre where land owners would hire labor for 6 months maybe a year. The laborers and milk maids etc. would turn up to be chosen. Landowners often did not even get out of the pony and trap to do the hiring. I wonder what they were missing at the fayre. Why do I know so litte?

Revival in the seventies

In the 1970s we started up Meigan workforce a very loose agency where people would offer their skills out for hire. Painting, building, plumbing, gardening and many other services (honest guv no funny business, tell a lie there was clowning available)

In 1974 a group of us close to the Cwm Meigan commune decided to organise a free festival and the Meigan Fayre was re- styled and re-vamped for the coming age of Aquarius. Declan, Roger the Tooth, Chippy Paul, Andrew , Phill, Me , Jack, Ed, Mark, Mary, Lamb and many more put in a lot of time and work to make these extraordinary festivals happen. Hey it was fun. I hope this site can "homeopathically" address the ABBAfication of the seventies.

Thanks jezza

We will get to the pictures soon but photos from both the 1974 and the 1975 festivals are hard to find.

If you have some please send them to Bill, Small World Theatre,Canolfan Byd Bychan .Bathouse Road Cardigan Ceredigion SA431JY. Or of course by e mail, address at the bottom of this long scroll, thanks.

2 festivals took place on the same site donated by Max Jones Pant y Deri, Boncath. I have just heard that Max Jones has recently died and would like to take this opportunity to remember him for his generostity and openess and hospitality. He gave us the land and opportunity to manifest this extraordinary revival of the Fayre. These were the real Meigam Fayres, on the edge of the Meigan valley. Festivals off this site were just not really Meigan Fayres anymore.


At the bottom of this page there are three links one to a conteporary festival running for the last 3 years in nearby hills. There are extremely limited numbers allowed by the licence for what is now a ONE DAY festival .

The second is a new link to "Jezaland" 1970s music festivals. The third to the Free Festivals site


Dutch Bob was filming it on 16 millimeter but his focus shifted to the steer riding rodeo. Bob fell off and ended up with busted ribs or collar bone or pride. Dutch Bob had the only filmed record of the event and they both disappeared in an ambulance.

Rumor has it that Misha holds a copy, but this is a very old rumor

The Fayre got going with bands like Withered Man from Swansea they played a 3 piece head bangers set and Band Of Ascending Colour astonished the crowd ( there men and a dog) improvising around the talented members of the band. The stage was constructed from 2 farm trailers wedged up against the hedge. Ron, later to become Bill Normal taught me to tune a guitar on the harmonics. January's band Jester played . The Grateful Dead did not turn up but who cared 'cos some of their set did as Lightship the full band played. The original songs were always better than the covers.

I have the only surviving poster that I made on a silk screen. Thanks Procol for the original labyrinth

Last surviving poster......................Our Band Played

Band of Ascending Colour was a psychedelic telepathic rock and roll outfit that rocketed to worldwide obscurity with only one unreleased recording to their name. My favorite song was "Early Layers Mash, a song about the trash that we get from the social security"

There was a band called LSD or Laughing Sam's Dice who had a set that lasted for what seemed like hours The band lost track of time according to Andy and the audience thought they just lost track. Any photographs out there of 1974 Meigan Fayre?????


This fantastic poster was sent to the site by Paul Bennett, thanks. I can't remember who designed it but great stuff for 1975 in West Wales but where was the date? 1975 This is where the Meigan Fayre got big WOW 8,000 people over the 3 days.

The main stage was where The Global Village trucking company played as well as bands like Zorch. I was the "Mouth" and remember having to dance / escort various naked friends off stage during many of the acts. Then this bloke gets up on stage while the Globs were playing and I thought "here we go again, gently eject the chemically challenged" then he started to move and it was unmistakably Arthur Brown. The audience grocked it when he started to sing. Wow great set guys. So was that Steve Hillage with Zorch? my memory fades But Charles Tyler has confirmed it was Mr Hillage so who else played someone must remember. Mazzareba played a set which was recorded I have a CD some where from Paul. Charles Tyler says yes I did play at the 1975 Meigan Fayre - just a couple of songs in between other performers. The lyrics of my song about the Fayre (written shortly after the event) and some notes follow. The song is on my Soundclick site as an mp3 file that you can play or download.

Meigan Fayre (Live)
(Charles Tyler)
When the full moon rises in the Preselli mountains
And when the sacred stones glow in the West
And when the tentpole breaks
And when the Druid wakes
And when the valley shakes with the harvest
I'll see you there at the Meigan Fayre
I'll see you there at the Meigan Fayre!
Are you still a believer in the power of a flower?
And do you teach your children that love is all you need?
And are your eyes still open?
And is your campfire smoking?
And do you still bless the sowing of the seed?
I'll see you there at the Meigan Fayre
I'll see you there at the Meigan Fayre!
Come with your lovers and your sisters and your brothers
And come with the lessons learned since we last met
Sing me a new song!
Rise with a new dawn!
Fling off your future fear and your past regret!
I'll see you there at the Meigan Fayre!
I'll see you there at the Meigan Fayre!
I'll see you there at the Meigan Fayre!
I'll see you there at the Meigan Fayre!

About this song
I wrote this song after attending one of the legendary Meigan Fayres in the Preselli mountains in Wales. The year was 1975. This song is my celebration of the festival. I travelled to the festival site on an old coach converted to a classic hippie bus with my friends in a band called Solar Ben. They had been invited and were on the bill. The band comprised Michael Wilding (first son of Elizabeth Taylor) who played sax, Robin Lawrence on drums, Barry Coleman on lead guitar, Betine ? the vocalist and Steve ? the bass player. The Fayres were classic hippie music festivals in the fields. Tents and tipis, long hair and colourful clothes. The sweet smell of smoke in the air. The Meigan Fayres were particularly nice - in a lovely setting and not like some of the huge events held elsewhere. The Meigan festival site was where some of the stones were quarried to build Stonehenge. I got to perform a couple of numbers 'Guruvy Guru' and 'White Farmhouse'. My performance of 'Guruvy Guru' was recorded and used in a film of the festival naturally called 'Meigan Fayre' and directed by Michael Haggiag. Who knows if any copy of this film still exists? If you know please tell me! The picture here shows part of the campsite seen from the control tower. For more pics and more on the Meigan Fayre and other festivals of the period see: my songs! Save them as mp3 files! See the pictures! Read the lyrics!

Here is another link to a music clip from MAZARIBA

MAZARIBA was a talented band of people who all lived locally Mazariba was
Roger Winfield/guitar/vocals
Bruce Knapp/guitar /vocals
Paul Bennett/bass
Paul Morafon/drums
Lorna Tibbles/vocals
Jonny Richards / congas....sadly he passed away a couple of years ago
Dave The Rave /flute /sax

They were very much part of the local alternative scene and all exept Paul Moravon have left the area to seek other lives and paths. They are always welcomed back and indeed many do return to re - connect with this special area on the Celtic fringe. I hear Paul and Bruce are in contact in cyberspace still working on musical projects, Great!

Photo: Charles Tyler .... More of his pics below

Andy recalls Gong playing their last gig at meigan 75 but apparently they did that last gig thing a lot

John Hunter from Ireland has sent in a few more colour pictures please link to them from the head scarf Below



Pic: Robert Hunter

Here is a link below to Celia 's pictures of a Meigan Fayre spin off that was held at Tyddyn Ddu in Cenarth

probably in 1977 or 8 (Help me Now)


In the run up to the festival the local alternative news sheet The Mountain and Valley Echo ( circulation 52) had articles about the festival and the area and a poem by Dave Hoffman international herbalist.

Jack has lots more in his archive . When I get our scanner back i'll increase the section on the community magazine, branded as Hello. How surreal the world can get.

Is it time for a link Click here for a side step?.

All These B/W pictures below were taken by my brother Bob Hamblett. He now takes fantastic colourful pictures

These photos were taken from the "Tower" a wooden structure 25ft tall with a viewing platform for those who wanted to get higher and see further.

The tower was inspired by Declan's son Miles. We were all standing by a huge pile of trees we had extracted from a forestry plantation. These ash and sycamore trunks had been ringed by the forestry group and were left to die. Hard work, with axes, bow saws, tractors and trailers got them to the site for fire wood. However it seemed a waste just to burn them. Miles who was about 10? said "lets build a tower". We made it so. Paul the chippy, Me, Andy and Kevin constructed that tower.

Here is Jack drumming up some vibes

Photo shop was not invented then so this must be what was really happening

These dream drums were made by Brian Lewis with help from Bill, Jack, Andy and a couple of local heifers. The skins came from the Cardigan slaughterhouse which is now the £6 Million Theatr Mwldan.

Gwynant and myself looking for a site for the earth oven


First dig a trench and line it with bricks . Next find an old cast iron oven from a range and place over the trench. Next cover it in the earth you just dug out. Light a fire make a fruit crumble. Heat slowly till golden brown and lightly smelling of smoke. Now open the oven the crumble should also be golden brown and lightly smelling of smoke.

Ps. The little dog in the first picture was Lady dog, she lived to be 28 years old and traveled to most of the megalithic sites in Britain

Hi Babs ! Babs still is one of the most capable and wonderfully, beautiful people I know

The crew of riggers included even those fully signed up to the Vertigo label. Is that Mark White looking at the Preselies?

Now some colour photos. All colour photos © Charles Tyler

Pass you up what?........ No man I'm standing on it

Below are some recently gathered photos from Rod and Bernie

Rod and Bernie laying


Betty dancing


Smudger on guitar left and I think that must be January Musson left hand quitar Who is the man on Fish? Morrocan tam tam? Bass ??

Do we know these people ?

Kite flying in the sunshine

Sitar playing

Below are some recently gathered photos from Shelly Morris

Shelly Morris and Tom Davies perfoming (Dolwilym Players)

Pictures from the wooden tower

Johnny Richards and Kite

Kate, Teifion and Tom


We needed help to push the onsite store tuck into position by the stage, Julian takes it easy. Gwynant asks for fork handles or was it four candles. Binns in the headband just turned up and became an instant STAR of the store truck. Chippy Paul looks on as Marion and Declan sort it out. 'Declan you organised this so where is my tent?"

Chris from Tally brought his Tipee, as always it was a haven from the flapping tarps.

In many ways the alternative movement seemed to be pioneering in reverse. Do only dead fish go with the flow? Did we all just take a giant leap sideways,? What's wrong with sideways?

There was a theatre group called Crystal Theatre with a Pop Star act called Mike Stand It's 30 years ago but as I recall this bogus singer/songwriter managed to have an open skull brain operation to extract his pituitary gland. The glossy bloody brain under the wig was pretty realistic and not to shabby for 1975 street theatre. Was this a pre runner to Lumier & Son act with the spoon and brain that I saw in 1981 ? at the ICA?

Horses can jump Range Rovers can only jump out of gear

I'll go when I finish this sandwich OK?


Thanks Thomas Gudgeon for this picture of a puppets show I think and the earthenware below

pot forsale

POT FOR SALE This pot was thrown and fired and glazed and bought at Meigan Fayre. Was it John Baum who was the potter ?

Max with beer, Mary with smile, Dave the Rave withdrawn

The bottom press picture reminds me of the old Cardi joke that goes something like this:

An old farmer goes to Carmarthen on market day. He sees this hippie walking along the road with one sandal. The farmer says " hey hippie you lost a sandal." the hippie replies " no man I found one"

"Naked she danced in the warm morning sun. Her hips swayed sugestively to the beat of the music. On her back was scrawled in ballpoint "Got any Acid?" "

To attempt to read the scan of the article this came from, click here

Another player on our dream drums Pic: John Hunter

Meigan Fayre field July 2005. Thanks to Phil Leyton for this photo.

Freni Fawr & Freni Fach in the background

Hey where did they all go ?

In memory of all those who got lost on the way or the way back


UK. 01239615952

PS. The Legacy

Following Meigan 75 many of us all felt that it would be too much of a stretch on our resources to mount another Meigan Fayre and securing the site from Max Jones would be difficult as he and his family farming scene would also be stretched. Other sites were considered but they were outside the Miegan Valley and therefore not following the Meigan tradition of hiring fayres. Following great organic farming practice we felt it vital to allow the fayre to go fallow for a year. This did not please the urban followers of festivals and a festival in 1976 on Jollity farm near Crymych hi jacked the Meigan name. Power to the people the newly arrived said we will organise it. Well a week away from the event it was clear that their preparations would not result in a safe and sorted festival, no stage and no water. Many of the original crew pitched in to dig pits and organise wood.

The convoy ? info page "the Kool News sheet" said this. I think it was post 1976 gig preparing for 77

About these Oak forests : I have just heard that the National Assembly of Wales has given a couple of Million pounds to convert the spruce and fir plantations back into broadleaf forests for the future. Who knows about this ? Who will get the money? and more importantly, where in Wales will these forests be?

In 1977 a few struggling trucks and coaches pulled up on Freni Fach and a festival declared. No facilities were provided as we had very little advanced knowledge . Sitting in on a campfire conversation I heard a few people organising a group shoplifting list for the morning , bag of white sugar, white sliced and tobacco if they could distract the local shop keeper. I knew the shop keeper could not really afford to be ripped off and said so insisting that they did not upset folk who lived on my door step. Around this time far far away PUNK was happening, about time too.

These dates may be way off if others have the correct information please submit it thanks

Beyond self reliance lies community

This is a link to the spirit of Meigan community trust archive

After Meigan Fayre the community attempted to buy a holiday village with very together chalets near Cenarth, this links to a scanned copy of the project plan.

A fascinating glimpse of alternative approaches to community housing and community spirit in 1976

The Tree of Life and Tarot by Roger Winfield

Articles from the Community Magazine "Hello"

The first Gestetnered issue was called the "Mountain and Valley Echo' the next issues were called "Hello" don't ask why I can't remember

This was before photocopiers were commonly found in West Wales so I have tried to restore the text to a legible form.

Other local fayres festivals gatherings and events

There were other West Wales Fayres, festivals and gatherings and in a small valley near Cenarth at the back of Tyddyn Ddu, Cwm Cou (silent valley) probably 1979 ??? a superb little festival. Nic Turner had been living in the area and gigging with local musicians, sax on full chromatic, he set up his pyramid stage. His Egyptian inspired set with dancers and floating flute was a joy, so were the Short Wave Band, and I remember Ronnie Lane legend and all round good bloke turning up in a Land Cruiser and Caravan. I can't remember the set but I do recall jamming around the camp fire.


Much later there was Celtic Folk a festival, Peseli 86, at Morfa Beleanffoss, back in Pembrokeshire was it all Dyfed then ? anyway a FANTASTIC LINE UP Thanks to Simon Glyn and the Morfaites. Moving Hearts, Alan Stivel , Afterhours played amongst others and Ann and I, Small World theatre, made and performed with Giant shadow puppets behind these folks with Giles and Ben helping. It was improvisation on a grand scale with a backdrop that Marion painted for us. We stood on 2 foot of stage and had one 1000 watt light behind us.That line up was truly impressive and the force 12 gale that was blowing did not defeat the enthusiasm. People said that Moving Hearts turned their backs on the audience at one point and jammed with the puppets. Did it go bust, break even or make cash? I didn't mind it was great. Glad I was not organising it . I think we played for free. Shame on me if I didn't

The line up as in the programme ran like this:

Music: Alan Stivel, Moving Hearts, Whippersnapper, Yr Hwntws, Aberjaber, Pol Huellot and Liam Weldon, Mabsant, Blakes 3, Pererin, Calennig, Afterhours, The Arazona Smoke Revue, Chris Moreton, Thin November, geoff Cripps and Louisa Rugg, Mazlyn Jones, Raindance.

Theatre: Living Daylights, Lenny the Storyteller, Imagination Scaffolding (that's big Ted) John Bilsborough,

Workshops: Crackpots,

and Ceilidhs etc Chris Hall's carved stones. Biggles'coconut shy. Convoy children's mud ball fights. Rain wind mud fire elemental total mental

Alan Stivel with Small World Theatre's Giant Shadow Puppets as an interactive backdrop

Click the knot link to the contemporary Celtic Blue Rock Festival website

Y'all come back now

2005 above Michelle Cains wicker giants.

2007 was in cloud a lot of the time

Small World Theatre's bicycle powered smoothie machine and the fat git with the special brew, piza and fags at Blue rock

2008 was MUDDY


Here is another link to jezaland a 1970's Free music festivals Site for yet more evocative and stimulating pictues and memories of those days of crystal clear light and life

OK so i can't fully remember them. I was after all, probably there.

Link away folks

I have found yet another festival website including Meigan Fayre.

UK Rock Festivals